Case Study: E-commerce Consultancy for Auxesia Life Sciences

At a Glance

  1. Introduction
    • Auxesia’s vision, growth, and collaboration with Nextler Innovations.
  2. What was the objective?
    • Auxesia’s comprehensive e-commerce objectives for national prominence.
  3. What we did?
    • E-commerce website, Multi-channel sales, Back-end operations setup, management and more
  4. What have we achieved?
    • Month-on-month increase in product sales, E-commerce success, National expansion, and Transformative collaboration achievements.


Within the dynamic and constantly evolving landscape of pharmaceuticals, Auxesia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd stands as a formidable force. Fueled by a dedicated team of experienced professionals, their commitment is unwavering in delivering excellence through top-notch pharmaceutical products and services. Far beyond a mere provider, Auxesia is a reliable ally in healthcare, embodying a vision to transcend conventional norms and establish itself as the paramount and quality-centric healthcare solutions provider.

Fueling this aspiration is the intrinsic desire to grow on a substantial scale, positioning Auxesia as a key player in the healthcare industry. The vision transcends mere expansion, aiming to cultivate a reputation for unwavering trust and uncompromising quality in the delivery of healthcare solutions. This commitment to excellence serves as the guiding force propelling Auxesia towards becoming a leader in the healthcare sector, navigating the intricate landscape of pharmaceuticals with courage and determination.

In this pursuit of growth and excellence, Auxesia found a strategic partner in Nextler Innovations. What prompted the collaboration was not only the profound trust Auxesia vested in Nextler Innovations’s capabilities but also the invaluable freedom granted to explore innovative opportunities. The mutual understanding between Auxesia Life Sciences and Nextler Innovations laid the foundation for a transformative partnership, positioning both entities on a path to redefine the landscape of e-commerce in the pharmaceutical sector. This case study unfolds the narrative of challenges faced, solutions implemented, and the collaborative journey that propelled Auxesia towards achieving its vision.

What was the objective?

The client, Auxesia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd, articulated a multifaceted set of objectives aimed at leveraging e-commerce to enhance its market presence and reputation. The primary goal was to add a B2C channel to support the B2B business in the long run. This is a reflection of Auxesia’s ambition to directly engage with end consumers through an e-commerce platform, broadening its reach beyond traditional business channels.

A pivotal aspect of the client’s objective was to initiate sales on an e-commerce platform, by introducing a B2C product, specifically MyPink Menstrual Cups. By embracing online retail, Auxesia sought to tap into the vast potential of digital commerce, providing customers with a convenient avenue to access and purchase their B2C products. In doing so, the client aimed not only to boost sales but also to gain crucial validation for MyPink Menstrual Cups in the competitive digital marketplace.

Furthermore, the objective extended beyond financial gains, emphasising the importance of customer feedback. Auxesia aimed to collect positive feedback from customers, recognizing the significance of customer satisfaction in building brand credibility and trust. This feedback mechanism was envisioned as a valuable tool for refining products and services, ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement based on real-time customer experiences.

In a broader scope, Auxesia expressed the ambition to transcend regional boundaries and establish itself as a national player rather than confining its identity to being a Kerala-based brand. This strategic vision underscored the client’s intent to position Auxesia as a prominent and trusted healthcare solutions provider on a national scale, amplifying its influence and market share beyond its regional origins. The overall objective, therefore, was a comprehensive and strategic foray into e-commerce, aiming not only for commercial success but also for brand validation, customer satisfaction, and national prominence.

What we did?

To meet Auxesia Life Sciences’ comprehensive objectives, Nextler Innovations undertook a strategic approach to creating and establishing an e-commerce channel for the client’s brand, MyPink. This involved the implementation of multi-platform strategies, encompassing the development of Auxesia’s own website ( and leveraging prominent online marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart.

  1. Product barcodes / GTIN registration: While on-boarding us Auxesia was ready with the MyPink Menstrual Cups and its packaging but was not quite ready to sell as barcode registrations were not done. We initiated and successfully registered the products and their respective variants using GS1 India. We generated the GTINs for the products and delivered them successfully to the client for usage in all sales channels.
  1. E-commerce Platform Development: Nextler Innovations initiated the creation of an e-commerce channel for Auxesia’s MyPink brand, commencing with the development of a dedicated website ( The platform was meticulously designed to showcase the product MyPink Reusable Menstrual Cups, ensuring an intuitive user experience, secure transactions, and seamless navigation. We used Shopify for building the website as we were looking at a brand that can grow exponentially and scale is a factor.
  1. Multi-Platform Strategy: In line with the client’s objectives, Nextler Innovations expanded the brand’s reach by strategically leveraging popular online marketplaces, including Amazon and Flipkart. This multi-platform approach aimed to maximize visibility and accessibility, tapping into diverse customer bases on each platform.
  1. Website Development / Optimization Challenges: While developing Auxesia’s own website, challenges surfaced in terms of optimization. Nextler Innovations navigated constraints related to user experience, transaction security, and navigation fluidity. The team implemented targeted optimizations to meet user expectations and enhance the overall functionality of the website. We used RazorPay payment solutions for payment gateway integrations on the website. Needless to say, we were trying to do the Razorpay Integration when they were having issues on-boarding new customers. We sticked with Razorpay and eventually, the integration was done successfully as we believe the product and customer support of Razorpay is ideal for our client compared to its peers.
  1. Strategic Approach on Amazon: Recognizing the significance of Amazon for national-level sales, a tailored strategy was devised. Challenges such as intense competition and product visibility were addressed through strategic product placement and advertising. We listed the products on Amazon and Flipkart. We optimised the product pages and also created an Amazon storefront for MyPink.
  1. Back-End Operations Management: Nextler Innovations took charge of back-end e-commerce operations, involving the recruitment and training of staff. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for e-commerce customer support were established to ensure consistent and effective interactions with customers, fostering a positive customer experience. We work closely with the backend team of Auxesia to coordinate seamless e-commerce experience for our customers, and shipping services and to address the accounting/tax issues if found, generate business reports and tax reports for GST filing etc.
  1. Collaboration with Marketing Agency: In a collaborative effort, Nextler Innovations along with client’s marketing agency coordinates and executes comprehensive marketing campaigns. The focus was on enhancing brand visibility, attracting a wider audience, and driving positive results for Auxesia. This strategic alliance aimed to create a cohesive and impactful online presence for MyPink Menstrual Cups. We are involved in campaign planning and budget allocations that are necessary for the brand’s growth.
  1. Holistic Strategy Implementation: The overall approach by Nextler Innovations encompassed a holistic strategy, addressing technological, operational, and marketing facets. This comprehensive execution navigated challenges, maximized opportunities, and played a pivotal role in launching and positioning Auxesia’s e-commerce channel, MyPink, on multiple platforms. The result was a successful alignment of efforts contributing to the realization of Auxesia’s ambitious national-level objectives.

What have we achieved?

Through the collaborative efforts of Auxesia Life Sciences and Nextler Innovations, tangible achievements were realized, signifying a significant leap forward in the realm of e-commerce.

The strategic initiatives implemented on Amazon bore fruit in the form of a notable percentage growth in product sales. By meticulously positioning Auxesia’s offerings and optimizing visibility on the platform, Nextler Innovations facilitated a discernible increase in sales percentage. This achievement not only validated the effectiveness of the e-commerce strategies employed but also contributed to the overall growth and market presence of Auxesia.

A key metric reflecting the successful national expansion was the percentage of orders originating from states beyond Auxesia’s initial regional stronghold. The collaborative efforts not only increased sales but also extended the reach of Auxesia’s products to diverse regions, aligning with the client’s vision of establishing a national presence. The achievement of a significant percentage of orders from different states underscored the brand’s growing recognition and acceptance on a broader scale.

In summary, the collaboration between Auxesia Life Sciences and Nextler Innovations in the realm of e-commerce has resulted in a transformative journey. Driven by Auxesia’s ambition to evolve from a regional player to a national healthcare solutions provider, the strategic initiatives undertaken by Nextler Innovations have yielded tangible successes. The transition from a B2B model to a comprehensive B2B2C approach, involving the development of the MyPink brand and its presence on multiple platforms, showcases a holistic strategy that addresses technological, operational, and marketing challenges. 

The achievements include significant growth in product sales on platforms like Amazon, validating the efficacy of the implemented e-commerce strategies. Moreover, the notable percentage of orders originating from states beyond Auxesia’s initial stronghold reflects the successful national expansion, aligning with the client’s vision. The collaborative efforts have not only propelled Auxesia towards commercial success but have also established MyPink as a prominent player in the competitive e-commerce landscape. 

This case study stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration, innovation, and determination in achieving ambitious objectives within the dynamic domain of e-commerce in the healthcare sector.