ssl certificates for websites

Get SSL certificate generated, installed and managed by us for your website @ Rs 599/year.


SSL certificates are charged at premium rates by many issuers, taking advantage of lack of knowledge of common website owners. We address this scenario by generating SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt, installing the certificate in your hosting account and managing the expiry of SSL certificates without affecting your website in a professional and reliable manner. Let’s encrypt certificates are totally free to use for a limited period and our mission is to provide this benefit to website owners. We charge only for the management service.

Let’s Encrypt is a nonprofit Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 300 million websites around the world.


Know the process of Managed SSL

1. Generate

We generate Let's encrypt SSL for your domain or sub-domain based on the requirement. Please not that the certificate will only cover the specific domain and not all wildcard domains.

2. Install

Once the SSL certificate is generated, we install the same on your website hosting account. For this we would require necessary credentials of website hosting.

3. Manage

We offer technical support to ensure that the SSL works properly on your website. We manage the expiry of the SSL certificate.

PRICING: Rs 599 for 1 year

If you have requirement for more than 1 year you will receive a discounted price for additional number of years.


We use SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt which are offered free of cost to everyone. So we are able to give that benefit to our customers by offering Managed SSL service at lowest rates.
We generate, install and manage SSL certificate for your website in a professional and reliable manner. The SSL certificate is free of cost but it has to be periodically maintained to ensure there are no loading errors in your website. We charge for management only.
From market study we understood that common people who own a website are being charged hefty prices for SSL certificates by issuing authority. They are not aware of free SSL by Let’s Encrypt. But it requires some technical proficiency to make use of Let’s Encrypt free SSL. Hence our service is for common people and business owners who need technical support to make use of free SSL by Let’s Encrypt.

You will have to fill the form in next section. After that you will require to share the cpanel login credentials with us. If your website is built using a CMS like wordpress you will have to share that login credentials too.

Payment shall be done immediately after you find an active SSL in your website. We will send you an invoice after the activation os SSL for the same.

Yes. Discount is applied based on additional number of years.

Yes. There are no additional / hidden charges you need to pay us.


ssl certificates for websites

Send us details of your domain(s) which needs an SSL certificate. Fill the form here and we shall get in touch with you soon.