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There are different options of CCTV systems based on technical specifications. It is important that customer understands these before deciding to choose a particular system. Following are the different technical specifications that determine the final price.

Picture quality of cameras

The quality of CCTV camera feed is a primary factor that needs to be considered. It is often denoted in terms of MP. More the MP more the camera picture quality. Also note that, with more quality of the picture/feed the storage requirement to store the data will also increase proportionally.

Night vision support

There are cameras that support night vision. Night vision support will come in black and white or in color. For color night vision feed the cost will be higher.

Presence of Mic

Most of the cameras in market has mic for audio recording facility. This is an added feature which can be opted to make sure audio recording of events are available.

Number of cameras / channels

More the number of cameras, more will be the cost. This is a very critical decision to take. For instance if you have the budget to support say four cameras at the moment and in future you may require 4 more cameras, it's advised to buy a DVR system with 8 channel support now. Otherwise in future you will have to invest in a separate 8 channel DVR system and replace the 4 channel system, which may lead to loss.

Storage size of system

The storage capacity of system is measured by the capacity of hard disk that is being used in system. Hard disk capacity can come in 500GB, 1TB or 2TB etc. More the storage capacity more the number of days you can keep the backup of feed. The storage capacity of system also depends upon the picture quality of camera. If picture quality is low the storage capacity will increase. But this decision has to be taken wisely.

Cables and Connectors

Depending upon the structure and complexity of your building / premise the length of cable required to complete the system will vary. More the length of the cables more will be the cost.

Compatibility with Wi-Fi

There are systems that are compatible with Wi-Fi at your home / building. This is an additional feature that can help customers to access the cctv camera feed online via devices connected to the Wi-Fi network or event remotely using mobile application.

Supporting Mobile Application

If the camera system is connected to Wi-Fi and feed is available online, the same can be accessed via a mobile application. If you are planning to access the online feed via a smart TV, make sure that the smart TV has supporting application in the app store of the TV.


We are highly process driven and thus makes it easy for our customers.

1. Site Visit

Our team visits your premise once we get your enquiry to do inspection to understand the right cctv system for you.

2. Quote

Based on the gathered information, we will share a quotation with you with detailed specification of cameras. There won't be any hidden charges.

3. Deliver

Once the quote is accepted, we will visit your premise for cctv camera system installation. We take 50% advance from first time customers.



We are highly process driven and thus makes it easy for our customers.


We deliver our services with utmost professionalism to ensure superior service quality for customers


We are flexible and are capable to adapt our service according to client needs.


Once committed we will complete the installation on-time in a hassle-free manner.


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